programmer orange5

Programmer Orange5 + adapters

Orange5 a programmer for programming memory and microcontroller motorola. The advantage of Orange5 is built macrolanguage to save protocols. It gives the ability to add micro schemes, meeting the requirements of manufacturers’ read and write algorithms.

orange5 programmer

orange5 programmer motorola
programmer orange5 motorla

Technical Data

  • – USB (USB 2.0) – allows you to connect and power.
  • -Panel ZIF16 to EEPROM
  • -Equipped with control pins in the slots
  • -It has two extension connectors are compatible with Omega MTRK and Orange4
  • -Has over current protection
  • -Provides protection against overload voltage
  • – Equipped with two types of power supply: standard (USB) and extended (USB + external zailacz)
  • – Three adjustable voltage and controlling the supply voltage (2.0 … 5.0 V) programming voltage (2.0 .. 21.0 V) plus an additional fixed 10V for microcontrollers
  • -High-speed bi-directional pin drivers with adjustable voltage (2.0 … 5.0 V)
  • Clock generator-frequency oscillator (24 MHz) and the external voltage (2.0 … 5.0 V) regulation.
  • -Ability to functional emulation USB CDC
  • -Built-in 32-bit virtual machine
  • -Supported interfaces: I2C, SPI, MicroWire, JTAG, UART, BDM, 7816, K-LINE (​​via adapter), CAN (via adapter)


orange5 programmer orange5 programmer
software orange5 programmer

Software Orange5

  • – Size Buffor (maximum ~ 32mb)
  • – Ability to create custom modules HPL
  • – Edit the 8 and 16-bit hexadecimal values ​​and ASCII.
  • – Reading and writing files in the BIN, HEX, and S19 formats
  • – Mode Underline visual comparison of the
  • – Save all systems and selected area
  • – Support for multiple configuration files
  • – Extended set of operations on the buffer
  • – Automatically save backups
  • – Works on Windows 7/XP (32bit)
  • Activations : procesory motoroli, układy TMS

This set includes adapters for Orange5

adapter tms-370 375 05TMS

AdapterTMS 370 (O5TMS)

Texas Instruments TMS370/TMS374/TMS375

Adapter CAN K-Line

Interfejsy CAN oraz K-Line

Adapter SO8 ZIF

EEPROM SOIC8 rozstaw 1.27mm ZIF
adapter so8

Adapter SO8/TSOP8

SMD 93xx, 24xx, 25xx
adapter 05BP2

Adapter 05BP2

Motorola 68HC05B6/HC05B8/HC05B16 and 68HC705B16/HC705B32 (PLCC52)
adapter 705e6

Adapter 705E6

MCU 68HC705E6/HC05P3/HC705P3 SOIC28 oraz QFP44 (do lutowania)
adapter 05h12 plcc52 68hc05h12

Adapter 05H12

MCU 68HC05H12 (PLCC52)
MCU 68HC05B16/B32, 68HC05X16/X32 QFP64

Adapter 05BXQ64

MCU 68HC05B16/B32, 68HC05X16/X32 QFP64 (for soldering)
MCU 68HC908AZ32/AZ60/AS60 QFP64

Adapter 908 AZ

MCU 68HC908AZ32/AZ60/AS60 QFP64 (for soldering)
adapter orange MCU 68HC11EA9

Adapter 11EA9

MCU 68HC11EA9 (PLCC52)
adapter orange MCU 68HC11F1

Adapter 11F1

adapter orange MCU 68HC11L6 PLCC68

Adapter 11L6


Adapter 11KAP68

MCU 68HC11K/KA QFP(for soldering)
MCU 68HC11PA8 and 68HC11E9/E20 QFP64 adapter orange

Adapter 11PA8

MCU 68HC11PA8 and 68HC11E9/E20 QFP64(for soldering)
MCU 912B32,BC32,BE32 QFP80 adapter orange

Adapter 912B

MCU 912B32,BC32,BE32 QFP80 (for soldering)
MCU 912Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 adapter orange

Adapter 912Q

MCU 912Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 (for soldering)
MCU 912Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 adapter orange

Adapter 9S12Q

MCU 9S12Dxxx QFP80,QFP112 (do lutowania)
adapter ssop8/dip8

Adapter SSOP8/DIP8

układy SSOP8/DIP8
pic avr atmel adapter

Adapter PICAVR

PIC12,PIC16 oraz Atmel AVR
adapter 68hc11ka4 plcc68

Adapter 68HC11KA4

68HC11KA4 w obudowie PLCC68
MCU 9S12H/HZ/XHZ QFP80,QFP112 adapter orange

Adapter 9S12H

MCU 9S12H/HZ/XHZ QFP80,QFP112 (do lutowania)
adapter pomona soic8

Adapter Pomona Soic8

24cxx, 93cxx, 35cxx

List of supported devices by Orange5

orange5 programmerorange5 programmerorange5 programmerorange5 programmerprogrammer orange5orange5 lead908

I2C MicroWire 4Wire SPI AKM
2cp4C01 (128×8) 24C02 (256×8) 24C04 (512×8) 24C08 (1Kx8) 24C16 (2Kx8) 24C32 (4Kx8) 24C65 (8Kx8) 24C128 (16Kx8) 24C256 (32Kx8) 24C512 (64Kx8) 24LC21 (128×8) 93C06 (16×16) 93S06 (16×16) 93C46 (64×16) 93C46 (128×8) 93S46 (64×16) 93C56 (128×16) 93C56 (256×8) 93S56 (128×16) 93C66 (256×16) 93C66 (512×8) 93S66 (256×16) 93C76 (512×16) 93C76 (1Kx8) 93C86 (1Kx16) 93C86 (2Kx8) 59C11 (64×16) 59C22 (128×16) 64C10 (64×16) 64C20 (128×16) 64C40 (256×16) 64C80 (512×16) 25C010 (128×8) 25C020 (256×8) 25C040 (512×8) 25C080 (1Kx8) 25C160 (2Kx8) 25C320 (4Kx8) 25C650 (8Kx8) 25C128 (16Kx8) 25C256 (32Kx8) AK6410 (64×16) AK6420 (128×16) AK6440 (256×16) AK6480 (512×16) AK93C55 (128×16) AK93C65 (256×16)
Amic Atmel BOSCH Catalyst Dallas/Maxim
A25L40 (512Kx8) A25L080 (1024Kx8) A25L80 (1024Kx8) A25L016 (2048Kx8) A25L16 (2048Kx8) A25L032 (4096Kx8) AT17C65 (8Kx8) FPGA configurators AT17C128 (16Kx8) AT17C256 (32Kx8) AT17LV65 (8Kx8) AT17LV128 (16Kx8) AT17LV256 (32Kx8) AT24C01 (128×8) AT24C01A (128×8) AT24C02 (256×8) AT24C04 (512×8) AT24C08 (1Kx8) AT24RF08 (1Kx8) AT24C16 (2Kx8) AT24C164 (2Kx8) AT24C21 (128×8) AT24C32 (4Kx8) AT24C64 (8Kx8) AT24C128 (16Kx8) AT24C256 (32Kx8) AT24C512 (64Kx8) AT24C1024 (128Kx8) AT25010(8) (128×8) AT25020(8) (256×8) AT25040(8) (512×8) AT25080 (1Kx8) AT25160 (2Kx8) AT25320 (4Kx8) AT25640 (8Kx8) AT25128 (16Kx8) AT25256 (32Kx8) AT25DF021 (256Kx8) AT25F512 (64Kx8) AT25F1024 (128Kx8) AT25F2048 (256Kx8) AT26DF081 (1024Kx8) AT26DF161 (2048Kx8) AT26DF321 (4096Kx8) AT34C02 (256×8) AT45D011 (132Kx8) * Data Flash AT45DB011 (132Kx8) * AT45D021 (264Kx8) * AT45DB021 (264Kx8) * AT45D041 (528Kx8) * AT45DB041 (528Kx8) * AT45D081 (1056Kx8) * AT45DB081 (1056Kx8) * AT45DB161 (2112Kx8) * AT59C11 (64×16) AT93C46 (64×16) AT93C56 (128×16) AT93C57 (128×16) AT93C66 (256×16) AT93C86 (1Kx16) B34AB (256×8) B43AB (256×8) B46AJ (256×8) B49AJ (256×8) B52AP (256×8) B54AH (256×8) B81AB (256×16) B58252 (256×8) B58253 (256×8) B58256 (128×8) B58258 (256×8) B58379 (2Kx8) B58380 (256×8) B58608 (256×16) B58813 (128×16) CAT24WC08 (1Kx8) CAT24FC32 (4Kx8) CAT25C32 (4Kx8) CAT34C02 (256×8) CAT35C102 (128×16) CAT35C102 (256×8) CAT35C104 (256×16) CAT35C104 (512×8) CAT59C11 (64×16) CAT64LC10 (64×16) CAT64LC20 (128×16) CAT64LC40 (256×16) CAT93C46 (64×16) CAT93C56 (128×16) CAT93C57 (128×16) CAT93C57 (256×8) CAT93C66 (256×16) CAT93C76 (512×16) CAT93C86 (1Kx16) DS1307 (64×8) DS18B20 (17×8) DS18B20U (uSOP) (17×8) DS18B20Z (SOIC) (17×8) DS1973 (512×8) DS1990 (8×8) DS1992 (128×8) DS1993 (512×8) DS2401 (8×8) DS2430 (32×8) DS2432 (152×8) DS2433 (512×8) DS2502 (128×8) DS Id (8×8)
EON ESMT EXEL Fairchild Ford
EN25B05 (64Kx8) EN25B05T (64Kx8) EN25F10 (128Kx8) EN25P10 (128Kx8) EN25F20 (256Kx8) EN25B40 (512Kx8) EN25B40T (512Kx8) EN25F40 (512Kx8) EN25B80 (1024Kx8) EN25B80T (1024Kx8) EN25F80 (1024Kx8) EN25T80 (1024Kx8) EN25B16 (2048Kx8) EN25F16 (2048Kx8) EN25T16 (2048Kx8) EN25F32 (4096Kx8) EN25B64 (8192Kx8) EN25Q64 (8192Kx8) F25L004A (512Kx8) F25L08PA (1024Kx8) F25L016A (2048Kx8) XLS24C02 (256×8) XLS24C04 (512×8) XL93LC06 (16×16) XL93LC46A (64×16) XL93LC46B (64×16) XL93LC56 (128×16) XL93LC56A (128×16) XL93LC56B (128×16) FM24C02 (256×8) FM24C03 (256×8) FM24C04 (512×8) FM24C08 (1Kx8) FM24C09 (1Kx8) FM24C16 (2Kx8) FM24C17 (2Kx8) NM24C02 (256×8) NM24C03 (256×8) NM24C04 (512×8) NM24C05 (512×8) NM24C08 (1Kx8) NM24C09 (1Kx8) NM24C16 (2Kx8) NM24C17 (2Kx8) NM24U17 (2Kx8) NM24C32 (4Kx8) NM24C65 (8Kx8) NM34C02 (256×8) NM34W02 (256×8) NM93C86 (1Kx16) 7002MN010 (16×16) 77005MC (16×16) 77007MC (16×16)
GI GigaDevice Grundig HOLTEK Hynix
BAW574252 (128×8) BAW658049 (256×8) ER59256 (16×16) ER59C11 (128×8) ER1400 (100×14) ER1450 (100×14) PCD85C82 (256×8) GD25Q40 (512Kx8) GD25Q80 (1024Kx8) GD25Q16 (2048Kx8) + GD25Q32 (4096Kx8) ? GRN-001 (64×16) GRN-002 (64×16) GRN-005 (512×8) GRS-003 (256×8) GRX-008 (512×8) HT93C46 (64×16) HT93C66 (256×16) HY27UF081G (131072Kx8) HY27UF081G ECC (135168Kx8) HY27UF084G (131072Kx8) 512MB, 4 pages HY27UF084G ECC (135168Kx8) 512MB, 4 pages HY27UH088G (131072Kx8) 1GB – 8 pages HY27UH088G ECC (135168Kx8) 1GB – 8 pages HY27US08121 (65536Kx8) HY27US08121 ECC (67584Kx8) HY27US08281 (16384Kx8) HY27US08281 ECC (16896Kx8) HY27US08561 (32768Kx8) HY27US08561 ECC (33792Kx8) HY27UT084G (131072Kx8) 512MB, 4 pages HY27UT084G ECC (135168Kx8) 512MB, 4 pages HY27UT088G (131072Kx8) 1024MB, 8 pages HY27UT088G ECC (135168Kx8) 1024MB, 8 pages
ITT Macronix MicroChip Mitsubishi Motorola
NVM3060 (512×8) MDA2061 (128×8) * MDA2062 (128×8) * MX25L1005 (128Kx8) MX25L2006 (256Kx8) + MX25L4005 (512Kx8) MX25L4006 (512Kx8) MX25L8005 (1024Kx8) MX25L8006 (1024Kx8) MX25L1605 (2048Kx8) + MX25L1635 (2048Kx8) + MX25L1636 (2048Kx8) MX25L3205 (4096Kx8) + MX25L3206 (4096Kx8) MX25L6406 (8192Kx8) MX25L12805D (16384Kx8) * 24LC00 (16×8) 24AA02 (256×8) 24C02 (256×8) 24LC02 (256×8) 24AA04 (512×8) 24C04 (512×8) 24LC04 (512×8) 24AA08 (1Kx8) 24LC08 (1Kx8) 24AA16 (2Kx8) 24LC16 (2Kx8) 24AA164 (2Kx8) 24LC164 (2Kx8) 24LC21 (128×8) 24AA32 (4Kx8) 24C32 (4Kx8) 24LC32 (4Kx8) 24LC64 (8Kx8) 24AA65 (8Kx8) 24LC65 (8Kx8) 24AA128 (16Kx8) 24LC128 (16Kx8) 24AA256 (32Kx8) 24LC256 (32Kx8) 25AA040 (512×8) 25AA080 (1Kx8) 25AA160 (2Kx8) 25C040 (512×8) 25C080 (1Kx8) 25C160 (2Kx8) 25LC040 (512×8) 25LC080 (1Kx8) 25LC160 (2Kx8) 25LC320 (4Kx8) ? 25LC640 (8Kx8) ? 25AA1024 (128Kx8) 25LC1024 (128Kx8) ER5911 (128×8) 93C06 (16×16) 93AA46 (64×16) 93C46 (64×16) 93LC46 (64×16) 93LC46A (128×8) 93LC46B (64×16) 93AA56 (128×16) 93C56 (128×16) 93LC56 (128×16) 93LC56A (256×8) 93LC56B (128×16) 93AA66 (256×16) 93C66 (256×16) 93LC66 (256×16) 93LC66A (512×8) 93LC66B (256×16) 93AA76 (512×16) 93C76 (512×16) 93LC76 (512×16) 93AA86 (1Kx16) 93C86 (1Kx16) 93LC86 (1Kx16) HCS200 (12×16) HCS300 (12×16) PCD8572 (256×8) M58653P (50×14) * M58655P (64×16) * M58657P (100×14) * M58658P (20×16) * M6M80011 (64×16) M6M80021 (128×16) M6M80041 (256×16) MCM2814 (256×8)
NEC NSC Numonyx OKI Philips
uPD6252 (256×8) uPD6253 (128×8) uPD6254 (512×8) NM93C06 (16×16) NM93C13 (16×16) NM93C14 (64×16) NM93C46 (64×16) NM93C56 (128×16) NM93C66 (256×16) NM93CS56 (128×16) NM93CS66 (256×16) NMC9306 (16×16) NMC9307 (16×16) NMC9314 (64×16) NMC9345 (64×16) NMC9346 (64×16) NMC93C56 (128×16) NMC93C66 (256×16) NMC93CS06 (16×16) NMC93CS46 (64×16) M25P05A (64Kx8) ? M25PE10 (128Kx8) M25PE20 (256Kx8) M25PE40 (512Kx8) M25PE80 (1024Kx8) QB25F016S33B (2048Kx8) MSM16811 (64×16) MSM16812 (128×16) MSM16851 (64×16) MSM16911 (128×8) MSM16951 (64×16) PCA8581 (128×8) PCD8582 (256×8) PCF8582 (256×8) PCF8594 (512×8) PCF8598 (1Kx8) PCF85116 (2Kx8)
Pioneer PMC Ramtron Rohm Samsung
PDG011 (64×8) PDH001 (16×16) PDH004 (16×16) Pm25LD010 (128Kx8) Pm25LD020 (256Kx8) PM25LV512 (64Kx8) PM25LV010 (128Kx8) PM25LV020 (256Kx8) PM25LV040 (512Kx8) FM24C04 (512×8) ? FM24CL04 (512×8) ? FM24C16 (2Kx8) ? FM24CL16 (2Kx8) ? FM24C64 (8Kx8) ? FM24CL64 (8Kx8) ? FM24C256 (32Kx8) ? FM24CL256 (32Kx8) ? FM24C512 (64Kx8) ? FM25160 (2Kx8) FM25C160 (2Kx8) FM25L16 (2Kx8) BR24C01 (128×8) BR24C02 (256×8) BR24C32 (4Kx8) BR24C65 (8Kx8) BR9010 (64×16) BR9020 (128×16) BR9021 (128×16) BR9040 (256×16) BR9080 (512×16) BR9016 (1Kx16) BR93H56 (128×16) BR93L56 (128×16) BR93LC56 (128×16) BR93RL56 (128×16) BR93H66 (256×16) BR93L66 (256×16) BR93LC66 (256×16) BR93H76 (512×16) BR93H86 (1Kx16) K9F1208U (65536Kx8) K9F1208U ECC (67584Kx8) K9F1G08U (131072Kx8) 128MB K9F1G08U ECC (135168Kx8) 128MB K9F2808U (16384Kx8) K9F2808U ECC (16896Kx8) K9F2G08U (131072Kx8) 256MB – 2 pages K9F2G08U ECC (135168Kx8) 512MB, 2 pages K9F4008 (512Kx8) K9F5608U (32768Kx8) 32MB K9F5608U ECC (33792Kx8) 32MB K9F6408U (8192Kx8) 8MB K9F6408U ECC (8448Kx8) 8MB K9G8G08U (131072Kx8) 1024MB, 8 pages K9G8G08U ECC (135168Kx8) 1024MB, 8 pages K9K1G08U (131072Kx8) K9K1G08U ECC (135168Kx8) K9K4G08U (131072Kx8) 512MB, 4 pages K9K4G08U ECC (135168Kx8) 512MB, 4 pages K9K8G08U (131072Kx8) 1024MB, 8 pages K9K8G08U ECC (135168Kx8) 1024MB, 8 pages K9LAG08U (131072Kx8) 2048MB, 16 pages K9LAG08U ECC (135168Kx8) 2048MB, 16 pages KM29W040 (512Kx8) KM93C06 (16×16) KM93C07 (16×16) KM93C46 (64×16) KS24A021 (256×8) KS24A041 (512×8) ? KS24L161 (2Kx8) S524A40X21 (256×8)
Seiko Siemens Sony Spansion SST
S-2100R (8×8) S-24C01 (128×8) ? S-24C02 (256×8) ? S-24C04 (512×8) ? S-24C08 (1Kx8) ? S-24CS16 (2Kx8) S-2430 (8×8) S-2444 (16×16) S-2445 (16×16) S-24CS08 (1Kx8) S-2900A (64×8) S-29130A (64×16) S-29131A (64×16) S-2914 (64×16) S-29153 (64×16) S-29190A (64×16) S-29220A (128×16) S-29255A (128×16) S-29290A (128×16) S-29230A (128×16) S-29330A (256×16) S-29355A (256×16) S-29390A (256×16) S-29430 (512×16) ? S-29530 (1Kx16) S-29590 (1Kx16) S-29630 (2Kx16) S-29690 (2Kx16) S-93C46 (64×16) S-93C56 (128×16) S-93C66 (256×16) S-93C76 (512×16) S-93C86 (1Kx16) SDA2506 (128×8) SDE2506 (128×8) SDA2516 (128×8) SDA2526 (256×8) SDA2546 (512×8) SDA2586 (1Kx8) CXK1011 (64×8) CXK1012 (128×8) CXK1013 (256×8) CXK1024 (128×8) S25FL001 (128Kx8) S25FL002 (256Kx8) S25FL016 (2048Kx8) S25FL032 (4096Kx8) S25FL128 (16384Kx8) S99-50084 (128Kx8) SST25LF020A (256Kx8) SST25LF040A (512Kx8) SST25VF512 (64Kx8) SST25VF010 (128Kx8) SST25VF020 (256Kx8) ? SST25VF040 (512Kx8) ? SST25VF080 (1024Kx8) SST25VF016 (2048Kx8) SST25VF016B (2048Kx8) SST25VF032B (4096Kx8)
ST Toshiba Winbond Xicor xUSSR
M24C01 (128×8) M24C02 (256×8) M24C04 (512×8) M24C08 (1Kx8) M24C16 (2Kx8) M24C32 (4Kx8) M24C64 (8Kx8) M24C128 (16Kx8) M24C256 (32Kx8) M25P05 (64Kx8) M25P05A (64Kx8) M25P10 (128Kx8) M25P20 (256Kx8) M25P40 (512Kx8) M25P80 (1024Kx8) M25PE10 (128Kx8) M25PE20 (256Kx8) M25PE40 (512Kx8) M25PE80 (1024Kx8) M34C02 (256×8) M34F04 (512×8) M35080 (1Kx8) M35160 (2Kx8) M8571 (128×8) M93C46 (64×16) M93CS46 (64×16) M93S46 (64×16) M93C56 (128×16) M93CS56 (128×16) M93S56 (128×16) M93C66 (256×16) M93CS66 (256×16) M93S66 (256×16) M93C76 (512×16) M93C86 (1Kx16) M95020 (256×8) M95040 (512×8) M95080 (1Kx8) M95160 (2Kx8) M95160-R (2Kx8) M95160-V (2Kx8) M95160-W (2Kx8) M95320 (4Kx8) M95320-R (4Kx8) M95320-V (4Kx8) M95320-W (4Kx8) M95640 (8Kx8) M95640-R (8Kx8) M95640-V (8Kx8) M95640-W (8Kx8) M95128 (16Kx8) M95128-S (16Kx8) M95128-V (16Kx8) M95128-W (16Kx8) M95256 (32Kx8) M95256-S (32Kx8) M95256-V (32Kx8) M95256-W (32Kx8) M95M01-R (128Kx8) M95M02-DR (256Kx8) ? NAND128 (16384Kx8) NAND128 ECC (16896Kx8) NAND256 (32768Kx8) ? NAND256 ECC (33792Kx8) ? ST24C01 (128×8) ST24C02 (256×8) ST24W02 (256×8) ST24C04 (512×8) ST24W04 (512×8) ST24C08 (1Kx8) ST24C16 (2Kx8) ST24E16 (2Kx8) ST24E32 (4Kx8) ST24W16 (2Kx8) ST25C01 (128×8) ST25C02 (256×8) ST25C04 (512×8) ST25C08 (1Kx8) ST25C16 (2Kx8) ST25E16 (2Kx8) ST25E32 (4Kx8) ST93C46 (64×16) ST95010 (128×8) ST95011 (128×8) ST95020 (256×8) ST95021 (256×8) ST95022 (256×8) ST95040 (512×8) ST95041 (512×8) ST95080 (1Kx8) ST95160 (2Kx8) ST95320 (4Kx8) ST95640 (8Kx8) ST95128 (16Kx8) ? ST95P02 (256×8) ST95P04 (512×8) ST95P08 (1Kx8) TC89101 (64×16) TC89102 (128×16) TC89121 (128×8) TC97101 (256×8) W25D80 (1024Kx8) W25P10 (128Kx8) W25P20 (256Kx8) W25P40 (512Kx8) W25P80 (1024Kx8) W25P16 (2048Kx8) W25P32 (4096Kx8) W25Q80 (1024Kx8) W25Q16 (2048Kx8) + W25Q32 (4096Kx8) W25Q64 (8192Kx8) W25Q128 (16384Kx8) W25X10 (128Kx8) W25X20 (256Kx8) + W25X40 (512Kx8) W25X80 (1024Kx8) W25X16 (2048Kx8) W25X32 (4096Kx8) W25X64 (8192Kx8) X1226 (512×8) X24C00 (16×8) X24C01 (128×8) X2402 (256×8) X24C02 (256×8) X24C04 (512×8) X24C08 (1Kx8) X24C16 (2Kx8) X24164 (2Kx8) X24325 (4Kx8) X24645 (8Kx8) X2430 (8×8) X2444 (16×16) X5043 (512×8) X5045 (512×8) 1084PP1 (128×8) * 1506PP1 (128×8) * 1609XP1 (256×8) 1609XP21 (128×8) * no need 20V 1566PP1 (256×8) 1568PP1 (256×8) 1568PP2 (1Kx8) ? 1628PP1 (128×8) * 1628PP2 (128×8) * 1628PP3 (512×8) 5509PP02 (512×8) 558XP3 (256×8)
YMC Other Atmel Fujitsu MediaTek
Y25F05 (64Kx8) I2C Type (256×8) MW Type (2Kx16) AT89C1051 * AT89C2051 * AT89C4051 * AT89S51 * AT89S52 * AT89S53 * AT89S8252 * ATtiny11 HV ATtiny12 ATtiny12 HV ATtiny13 ATtiny13 HV ATtiny15 ATtiny15 HV * ATtiny24 * ATtiny25 ATtiny25 HV ATtiny26 * ATtiny44 * ATtiny45 ATtiny45 HV ATtiny84 * ATtiny85 ATtiny85 HV ATtiny2313 * AT90S1200 AT90S2313 AT90S8515 * ATmega128 ATmega128L ATmega16 * ATmega16A * ATmega162 * ATmega164 * ATmega168 ATmega168A ATmega168PA ATmega32 * ATmega324 * ATmega328 ATmega329 ATmega3290 ATmega48 ATmega48A ATmega48PA ATmega64 * ATmega644 *? ATmega649 ATmega6490 ATmega8 ATmega8A ATmega8515 * ATmega8535 * ATmega88 ATmega88A ATmega88PA MB90F548GS MB90F867ES MT1389 ext.FLASH 1Mb MT1389 ext.FLASH 2Mb MT1389 ext.FLASH 4Mb
MicroChip Nordic NSC Philips Renesas M16
PIC10F200 PIC10F202 PIC10F204 PIC10F206 PIC12C508 PIC12C508A PIC12C509 PIC12C509A PIC12F508 PIC12F509 PIC12F629 PIC12F675 PIC12F683 PIC12F1822 PIC16C620 ? PIC16C620A ? PIC16C621 ? PIC16C621A ? PIC16C622 PIC16C622A PIC16C623 ? PIC16C624 ? PIC16C625 PIC16C63 PIC16C63A PIC16C710 PIC16C711 PIC16C715 PIC16C77 PIC16C84 PIC16F627 PIC16F627A PIC16F628 PIC16F628A PIC16F630 PIC16F676 PIC16F684 PIC16F688 PIC16F73 PIC16F74 PIC16F76 PIC16F77 PIC16F818 PIC16F819 PIC16F83 ? PIC16F84 PIC16F84A PIC16F87 PIC16F873 PIC16F873A PIC16F876 PIC16F876A PIC16F877 PIC16F877A PIC16F88 PIC16F882 PIC16F883 PIC16F884 PIC16F886 PIC16F887 PIC16F913 ? PIC16F914 ? PIC16F916 ? PIC16F917 ? PIC16F946 ? PIC18F1220 PIC18F1320 PIC18F13K50 PIC18LF13K50 PIC18F14K50 PIC18LF14K50 PIC18F242 PIC18F248 PIC18F252 PIC18F258 PIC18F442 PIC18F452 PIC18F458 PIC18F2220 PIC18F2221 PIC18F2320 PIC18F2321 PIC18F2410 PIC18F2420 PIC18F2423 PIC18F2450 PIC18F2455 PIC18F2458 PIC18F2480 PIC18F2510 PIC18F2515 PIC18F2520 PIC18F2523 PIC18F2525 PIC18F2550 PIC18F2553 PIC18F2580 PIC18F2585 PIC18F2610 PIC18F2620 PIC18F2680 PIC18F2682 PIC18F2685 PIC18F4220 PIC18F4221 PIC18F4320 PIC18F4321 PIC18F4410 PIC18F4420 PIC18F4423 PIC18F4450 PIC18F4455 PIC18F4458 PIC18F4480 PIC18F4510 PIC18F4515 PIC18F4520 PIC18F4523 PIC18F4525 PIC18F4550 PIC18F4553 PIC18F4580 PIC18F4585 PIC18F4610 PIC18F4620 PIC18F4680 PIC18F4682 PIC18F4685 PIC18F6527 nRF24LU1 CR16MCS9 CR16MCT9 P89LPC920 P89LPC921 P89LPC922 M30624FG R5F3650K
Renesas M32 Renesas V850 Samsung ST TI
M30833FJ M30853FH M30855FW M30873FH M30875FH M30876FJ M30878FJ M30879FK M30879FL M3087BFK M3087BF uPD70F3333 LQFP-100 uPD70F3334 LQFP-100 uPD70F3335 LQFP-100 uPD70F3336 LQFP-100 uPD70F3340 LQFP-100 uPD70F3341 LQFP-100 uPD70F3342 LQFP-100 uPD70F3343 LQFP-100 uPD70F3350 LQFP-100 uPD70F3351 LQFP-100 uPD70F3352 LQFP-100 uPD70F3353 LQFP-100 uPD70F3344 LQFP-144 uPD70F3345 LQFP-144 uPD70F3346 LQFP-144 uPD70F3347 LQFP-144 uPD70F3348 LQFP-144 uPD70F3349GJ LQFP-144 uPD70F3354 LQFP-144 uPD70F3355 LQFP-144 uPD70F3356 LQFP-144 uPD70F3357 LQFP-144 uPD70F3358 LQFP-144 uPD70F3364 LQFP-144 uPD70F3365 LQFP-144 uPD70F3366 LQFP-144 uPD70F3367 LQFP-144 uPD70F3368 LQFP-144 uPD70F3370 uPD70F3371 uPD70F3378 LQFP-144 uPD70F3379 LQFP-144 uPD70F3380 LQFP-144 uPD70F3381 uPD70F3382 LQFP-144 uPD70F3424GJ LQFP-144 uPD70F3425GJ LQFP-144 uPD70F3426AGJ LQFP-144 uPD70F3427GD LQFP-208 uPD70F3634 ? S3F9444 S3F9454 S3F9488 ST6220 * ST6230 * ST6232 * ST6240 * ST6245 * ST6249 * ST6260 * ST92F120V1Q7 PQFP-100 $ ST92F120V9Q7 PQFP-100 $ ST92F124V1QB PQFP-100 $ ST92F150CV1QB PQFP-100 $ ST92F250CV2QB PQFP-100 $ ST10F168 ST10F269 ST10F275 ST10F276 ST10F280 STM8AF51 STM8S103F2 STM8S103F3 STM8S103K3 MSP430F1121 BSL MSP430F1232 BSL MSP430F1232 JTAG MSP430F2013 JTAG MSP430F2121 BSL TMS370C002 TMS370C032 TMS370C036 TMS370C042 TMS370C056 TMS370C058 TMS370C059 TMS370C736 TMS370C756 TMS370C758 TMS370C759 TMS374C003A TMS375C006
MC68HC05 MC68HC08 MC68HC11 MC68HC12
MC68HC05B4 MC68HC05B6 MC68HC05B6 WDT MC68HC05B8 MC68HC05B8 WDT MC68HC05B16 MC68HC05B16 WDT MC68HC05B32 MC68HC05H12 MC68HC05K3 MC68HC05L28 MC68HC05P3 [1E25B] MC68HC05X16 MC68HC05X32 MC68HC05X32 div5 MC68HC705B16 MC68HC705B16 EPROM MC68HC705B16N MC68HC705B16N EPROM MC68HC705B32 MC68HC705B32 EPROM MC68HC705E6 [F82B] MC68HC705E6 [G72G] MC68HC705E6 [H51A] MC68HC705E6 [F75B] MC68HC705P3 [F47V] MC68HC705P3 [F75B] MC68HC705X32 MC68HC705X32 div5 MC68HC08AB16A MC68HC08AS20 MC68HC08AS32 MC68HC08AS32A MC68HC08AZ32 MC68HC08AZ32A MC68HC08AZ32A [1K59H] MC68HC08AZ48A MC68HC08AZ60A MC68HC08AZ60 [1J35D] MC68HC908AB32 MC68HC908AP8A MC68HC908AP16A MC68HC908AP32A MC68HC908AP64A MC68HC908AS60 MC68HC908AS60A MC68HC908AZ32A MC68HC908AZ60 MC68HC908AZ60 [4J74Y] MC68HC908AZ60A MC68HC908GP32 MC68HC908GZ60 MC68HC908JL3 MC68HC908JL8 MC68HC908LJ24 MC68HC908LK24 MC68HC908QC4 MC68HC908QC8 MC68HC908QC16 MC9S08AW16 MC9S08AW32 MC9S08AW48 MC9S08AW60 MC9S08GB60 MC9S08QD2 MC9S08QD4 MC9S08QG4 MC9S08QE8 MC9S08QG8 MC68HC11A1 MC68HC11A8 MC68HC11E1 MC68HC11E9 MC68HC11E20 MC68HC11E32 MC68HC11EA9 MC68HC11EA9 [2D47J] MC68HC11F1 MC68HC11K4 MC68HC11KA2 MC68HC11KA4 MC68HC11KG4 MC68HC11KS2 MC68HC11KW1 MC68HC11L6 MC68HC11P2 MC68HC11PA8 MC68HC11PH8 MC68HC711E9 MC68HC711E20 MC68HC711E9 EPROM MC68HC711E20 EPROM MC68HC711PH8 MC68HC12BC32 MC68HC12BE32 MC68HC912B32 MC68HC912BC32 MC68HC912BE32 MC68HC12D60 MC68HC912D60 MC68HC912D60A MC68HC912D60P MC68HC912DG128 MC68HC912DG128A MC68HC912DG128C MC68HC912DG128P MC68HC912DJ128A MC68HC912DT128A MC68HC912DT128C MC68HC912DT128P MC9S12C32 MC9S12GC32 MC9S12A64 MC9S12D64 MC9S12A128 MC9S12B128 MC9S12DB128 MC9S12DG128 MC9S12DJ128 MC9S12DT128 MC9S12H128 MC9S12HA32 MC9S12HY64 MC9S12HZ128 MC9S12DJ256 MC9S12DG256 MC9S12DP256 MC9S12DT256 MC9S12H256 MC9S12HZ256 MC9S12DP512 MC9S12DT512 MC9S12P96 MC9S12XB128 MC9S12XD64 MC9S12XD128 MC9S12XDG128 MC9S12XDG256 MC9S12XDT256 MC9S12XDT384 MC9S12XDG512 MC9S12XDP512 MC9S12XDT512 MC9S12XEG128 MC9S12XET256 MC9S12XEQ384 MC9S12XEP768 MC9S12XEP100 MC9S12XHZ256 MC9S12XHZ512 MC9S12XS64 MC9S12XS128 MC9S12XS256

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