Easy Connect

It allows you to test electronic components of the car on the table. It allows you to connect engine controllers, meter, CAN gateway, radio, diagnostic tester. The repeater can extend Easy Connect with several modules from one car. For carrying out diagnostic tests or programming keys on the table.

It has an ObdII socket – for connecting a diagnostic tester and a DB25 for connecting the module. With protection against incorrect power supply.
The upper connector is a duplication of OBD2 – connecting an analyzer or switching signals to other pins.

Main advantages of Easy Connect

  • Protection against reverse polarity of power connection
  • Power supply of modules: from DB25 outputs
  • External power supply (laboratory power supply) 12V
  • Switch with simulated battery disconnection / turning the key or turning on the lights
easy connect connecting modules easy connect box - tomsad

easy connect box tomsad easy connect connecting on table easy connect connecting modules

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